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Extend Discovery Conditions for Windows NIC

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BMC Discovery uses WMI and RemQuery to discover a Windows Server. Both of these methods have to work to get detailed data about the Server.

For RemQuery to work, "File and Printer Sharing" must be enabled on the Network Interface that belongs to the scanned IP Address.

If a Server has multiple interfaces, and File and Printer Sharing is disabled on some of these, this could lead to discovery issues.


When the Server is scanned first by an IP Address that belongs to a NIC where File and Printer Sharing is disabled, the following will happen:

  1. A Host node will be created (because WMI works)
  2. The IP Address will be used for further scans (As part of the optimization)


Later, when the Server is scanned on another NIC where File and Printer Sharing is enabled, the IP Address will be skipped as part of the optimization (Although Discovery would be able to discover more information, because RemQuery would work).


The status of the File and Printer Sharing option is stored in the registry ("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Linkage\Bind") and can be discovered from there using WMI.

If the registry key contains the setting guid of the NIC, File and Printer Sharing is enabled.


I would suggest to model this potential issue as a Discovery Condition for Windows NIC (see Discovery Conditions Windows NIC - Configipedia - BMC Documentation).

Furthermore it would be great to have an option to skip IP Addresses belongig to a NIC where File and Printer Sharing is disabled.


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