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Change of Customer field in INC/WO to be reflected in DWP catalog Request

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Currently in SRM, when an agent changes the customer of the ticket this is reflected in the request and the new customer can view the ticket details in DWP My Activity.


With DWP Catalog, this is no longer possible. The following 2 scenarios should work:

- when the ticket is opened by an end user from DWP, when the agent changes the customer in Smart IT in Incident/Work Order, this should be reflected in DWP and the new user should see it in their Activity tab

- when the ticket is opened by an agent in Smart IT and then the initial customer is changed with a new one, the new one should see the ticket in DWP My Activity


The use case is that if the initial customer is not the one impacted by the issue when this is corrected in the Incident/Work Order, it should also be reflected in DWP..


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