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Prevent AR Upsert step from creating duplicate entries in the target form

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When using the AR Upsert step in a Atrium Integrator Spoon job, duplicate entries will be generated if the new record doesn't match a corresponding record in the Alternate Target form and a corresponding record already exist in the target form. Even if the "Update Record" radio button is selected. This is counter intuitive.



Example configuration:

Alternate Target Form Name= CTM:People

Target Form= CTM:LoadPeople

Update Record= Checked


CTM:LoadPeople is an intermediate form used to validate date before loading them into CTM:People. 


The goal is to only put data in CTM:LoadPeople if updates are needed to CTM:People.


When an alternate target form is specified all checks are performed against this form. No matter if Insert Only/Update Record is selected, a new record will be created if there is no match against the target form.


This idea proposes to make the radio buttons also useful in case an alternate target form is selected. The radio buttons should direct the behaviour of inserting the record in the target form (i.e. CTM:LoadPeople).


If the radio button "Insert Only" is selected, new records will be created in the target form, if updates are needed on the target form. (This is also current behaviour)

If the radio button "Update Record" is selected, the matching record in the target form should be update. (Current behaviour the same as "Insert Only", always insert a new record)


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