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Centralized FTS Indexing and Management Console for integrated BMC applications

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Since new applications have been introduced that also use the FTS functionality and the Lucene engine, and also provide Global Search results for End Users (MyIT) and Agents (Smart IT), there is a need of a centralized FTS application and console to manage not just ITSM / Service Broker / HR Case Management but rather manage all the interconnecting FTS functionalities such that the User Facing applications (My IT / Smart IT) where the search results are displayed can be controlled from a single location and with a single FTS functionality.


Current setup regarding FTS is as follows:


- FTS engine (provided through AR System Server) for ITSM

- FTS engine (provided through AR System Server) for Service Broker

- FTS engine (provided through AR System Server) for HR Case Management


All the 3 applications above have separate FTS engines with identical configuration, each with independent ft_pending and ft_schedule tables. All 3 FTS functionalities are bringing results in ITSM, MyIT and Smart IT.


Considering that all 3 FTS functionalities rely on the same Lucene engine, have the same configuration (pluginsvr_config, ar.conf, armonitor.conf and collection folder), there should be a centralized ft_pending table in the underlying ITSM database that collects all the information from Service Broker, HRCM, ITSM and adds them to a single collection folder.


This can be achieved through integrations that push data directly to a single ft_pending table, and all other servers from either ITSM, Service Broker or HRCM contain the same FTS Indexing server as their primary source for FTS data.


Moreover the FTS console can be enhanced by introducing FTS as a separate, standalone application cluster, with a newly designed interface to control:


- Title, Environment, Keyword for different applications (Service Requests, SRM, RKM, Incident, Change, Problem etc)

- Reindexing for each individual component (for example only for the entries related to RKM or Service Requests independently)

- Reindexing for all the components


The above configuration could also imply using the same Server Group across integrated applications, so that the AR System Servers can communicate through the designated FTS port across the application landscape.


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