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Have ADDM Discovery pick up the "nameserver" IP information for UNIX systems from /etc/resolv.conf

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Since the UNIX discovery scripts are already checking resolv.conf to get the Domain Name , it would not be difficult to also get the "nameserver" information while you are at it ( BMC Engineering ) . Having the name server (DNS) IPs would be beneficial to have as far as I am concerned anyway.


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I have created a query that , among other things, is trying to get the IP address(es) of the DNS systems that are configured on on the Host systems.


For Windows systems, the query DOES return IP addresses for the configured DNS Servers on each Windows host.


For *NIX ( Linux, UNIX, Solaris) systems, the same query returns "None" , or multiple instances of "None" for the IP Address of any DNS servers configured .


For Windows systems, I *think* ADDM is getting the information as part of the NIC configuration items.


For UNIX, the DNS entries are not associated with the NIC configuration. This DNS server information is in /etc/resolv.conf , with an attribute of "nameserver" .


It looks like ADDM Discovery is NOT trying to get this nameserver information and so does not put it in any particular ADDM attribute field.






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