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Please hide "Remedyforce workspaces tab" from out of box ServiceDesk Staff Permission Set.

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- BMC recommends to use out of box permission sets however the out of box permission set has lot of extra access

- We do not want to maintain one more permission set and manually add all changes for patch or upgrades

-For example the legacy "Remedyforce workspaces tab" this gives access to lot of areas.

- We have restricted Eidt access however they can still edit Templates and view all of this

- Yes templates can be modified by staff - chances of you breaking all service request and approvals or any automation




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PLEASE PLEASE remove or hide the REMEDYFORCE WORKSPACES tab from out of box permission set. This is concerning as staff can see and modify unwanted data. We want to use out of box permission set. This tab is not even useful   if it then gives the ability to set specific links or just introduce permission set versioning


Virginia Leandro Amit Jaiswal Paul Donders









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