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Re-sizeable panes in RF console

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There are some panes within Remedyforce that only show three or four rows. These panes cannot be resized and if there are more rows than the pane can display, a scroll bar is added to the pane. I would like to be able to resize the pane by dragging it to the chosen height, so that I can see all of the rows.


To see an example, go to Remedyforce Workspaces > Workspaces > Configuration > Templates and open one of the templates. Under Click Select to choose the field you want to populate on the template, there is a window displaying field labels and values. It would be helpful if we could resize this pane to avoid having to scroll through a list in such a small window.


An example where it is possible to do what I am requesting is the Description field in a ticket, within the Remedyforce Console.




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