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Smart IT Ticket Console Queues is configurable by Admins Too

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one thing which we are struggling from last few months or years is how we can push the generic queues to the ticket console of smart it rather than asking 100 of users to create a same queue.


1. There should be a way by which my admin team will create a Smart IT Ticket Console Queue and push to the ticketing console of all the users/agents and that will be readily available for      them when they come to work next day rather then investing time in creating new queues and giving there individual name to the same queues. Some thing like generic two queues we      already have in the system (My Assigned Ticket and My Group Assigned Tickets).

2. There should be a way if admin can push these queues on the bases of below criteria:

          a. Specific Queues pushed for Individuals.

          b. Specific Queues pushed for Specific Support/Assigned Group.

          c. Specific Queues pushed on the bases of company.


Idea is to ease the work load of agents and not to put challenge for them to build new queues every day as business needs are changing every day and if you are supporting different companies then every day business come up with different monitoring criteria.


There should be option for both:

1. Admin can push the queues.

2. Agents can build there own queues too rather than waiting for admin to create the queue for them if something is urgent.


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