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Add a Merge option in the CMA - policies to allow for policy changes/updates

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Use case:

1. I have a baseline policy applicable for all 8000 servers (LINUX) which has 4 FS defined say FS1,FS2,FS3, FS4, which are pat of FS inclusion list


2. We have 30-40 DB servers which has 3 db FS to be monitored .So i create DB policy  with DB1,DB2,DB3,DB4 in inclusion list as well the DB KM. This can be single policy or multiple policy depending on DB details


If i create two different policy then either one of policy gets replaced and FS get in inclusion list.


3. So i created a new exception policy with lower precedence which has FS1,FS2,FS3, FS4,DB1,DB2,DB3,DB4. which will be in inclusive list and will fix the problem.


Now here is real challenge


Say FS5 is new fs that needs to be monitored on all servers (baseline policy ). How can we track / update this config on policies that are created.  This creates a lot of efforts to update settings in baseline / DB / exception policy . Is there any best recommendation or am i missing some steps here . This is due to drawback of MERGE option in CMA ?


Requesting the ability to Merge policy details in CMA.


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