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Improvement of the SmartIT 19.02 Asset View - enable custom view layout

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In SmartIT 19.02 when additional fields get added in the ‘Screen Configuration’ of the “Asset View” - almost all attributes are listed in one long column on the left-hand side of the console and a lot of screen area is wasted.

Users have to click “Show more” and scroll up and down to find the attributes they want to see:


In previous versions, e.g. SmartIT 1.6, additional fields were automatically displayed in a table as shown in the screenshot below. The customer has no control over the order however this is at least better than the behavior in SmartIT 19.02. 



We suggest in Screen Configuration / Asset View the “Add/Remove Fields” function should allow to configure the fields in rows / columns as the customer needs it.


Kind regards,
Christian Weber


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