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Bring back Product Catalog Updates!

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All Remedy ITSM, Discovery, CMDB, BMC CMDB (BMC, Elite & Premier Partners and TAP), Client Management, Client Management Insiders (BMC and Partners Only):


Back in years past, BMC Software had a definitive catalog that was filled with COTs software and hardware and was a Managed Package.  At one time BMC Software led the space in this effort (IBM Tivoli had something light-weight) and the CMDB catalog was easy to maintain and keep up with current COTs hard/software; here’s the old release schedule: Product Catalog data update schedule - BMC Atrium Core Product Catalog Data - BMC Documentation

Today, managing titles, packages, SKUs, signatures, aliases is a 1-2 FTE job that is a struggle to keep current, readable and useful.  Many customers frankly give up and just let bygones be.  A huge deficiency with BMC Software‘s CMDB is the lack of an effectively maintained product catalog in the CMDB and is ALWAYS a topic of discussion in workshops and client meetings.  Then, if you are doing automated discovery with various tools, this manual effort gets a bit frustrating, right?  Yes, the BMC Software Discovery tool has a product catalog but there are a bunch of unknowns, poorly cataloged items, and it really isn’t maintained either.  So most of the time implementors setup reconciliation to create the catalog or ignore it entirely, which is just a mess, especially when you have several discovery tools.  Then on the flip side, when you want an end user service for ordering equipment, or software the list from the catalog is very unfriendly and some end up maintaining yet another list.  To complicate it more, if you want to add the deployment package name onto it, you wonder what to add it to, so then they just make another entry in the catalog.  Sound familiar? 


Now BMC Software has fallen behind other vendor of the CMDB, Asset Management, and Software Management for not providing a definitive catalog for all tools, services, alerts, deployment to use (which they stopped doing in version 8.1).  Companies are trying to create better experiences, automate, and be lean thus, this requires companies to look at other vendors like IBM, HP, Snow, and Flexera whom maintain and release automated updates to their catalogs (some are extremely detailed).   Since a well maintained catalog reduces the resources, increases user experience for managing the catalog, not to mention the reduction in frustration and stress, customers are looking at other vendors that can provide value.  While they are looking, customers also look at them for other capabilities (because there’s a window of opportunity) which slowly moves them away from BMC Software Discovery, CMDB, Asset and Software License Management;  In some cases they move all ITSM as well.


so can we vote to bring back a fully maintained and managed catalog and like ServiceNow, just allow customers to click “Synchronize” when they want the new items?


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