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Shopping Cart: Buttons "Add to Cart" and "Request Now" should appear when filling out the Questionnaire, not before

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Hi guys!


Enhancement Request from one of our customers:

After clicking on a Service, the Service Description appears. Here the User needs to decide if he wants to add it to the cart, or to request it now:

But in some cases the user might not know at this point if he wants to just add it to the cart or if he can already request it now, because he doesn't see the fields/questionnaire yet and might not know if he already has all necessary information.


Requested behavior: When filling out the questionnaire, the user should have the decision if he wants to submit it, OR if he wants to add it to the cart. There should be the "Add to Cart"-Button also at this point to put the Service into the user's shopping cart:


Note: The "Save and close"-Button puts the Service into the "Saved cart"-items. From there, the user has to do a manual step to put it into the "real" Shopping Cart before submitting it. This is additional effort and a bit confusing for users. It would be easier if there would be the "Add to Cart"-Button directly on the Questionnaire.


Regards, Tamara


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