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Items in Shopping Cart: Click on the Title should show the existing, filled Request, not a new one

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One of our customers noticed the following, from our point of view confusing behavior within the Shopping Cart:


I'm requesting a DWP-C Service and start to fill out the fields. Then I click on "Save and close" because I cannot submit the Service yet for any reason:

The saved Request is shown under "Saved carts" and I can move it to the "real" cart by clicking on "Move to Cart":


Once moved to the cart, the title is clickable, but the problem is that this will open the Service Description (Description of the Service including Images, Videos, Price Information etc.) and I can start a new request from there, but it does NOT show me the Request that I've already filled out.

This is confusing for the users, because they might not know if this is the request they already filled out, or not, or if the system might not have saved their answers etc.

It would make much more sense if clicking on the title would open the request that I've already filled out, instead of asking me to create a new one.


Regards, Tamara


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