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Enhancement for TrueSight Gateway Server ETL module

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Hello Community!


We make use of the Analyze component (bgsanalyze) in the TrueSight CO Gateway on order to deliver normalized CPU usage to application owners for internal accounting.

CPU usage is translated into the transaction rate metric with the help of benchmark ratings.


We have defined workloads containing multiple transaction classes in most cases. For each transaction class, we assigned respective application processes.

Metrics belonging to the transaction classes are being used for accounting and detailed analysis, e.g. to analyze unusual behavior or spikes. We extract these metrics from CAXWKLS/CAXWKLDD tables in the Visualizer database.


The VIS file parser ETL in TSCO extracts only workloads (tables CAXWCATS/CAXWCATD) summarizing the values of the underpinning transaction classes.

A breakdown on the transaction class level is no longer possible.

For example, we have defined 270+ workloads containing 570+ transaction classes defined for our Linux environment. One of the workloads contains 30+ transaction classes.


In order to continue with the delivery of detailed analyses to internal stakeholders, it would require us to build a 1:1 workload and transaction class relationship.


The top process-level information is insufficient as a workaround if a process is not part of the top30 CPU consumers, but memory or I/O intensive.

And process-level CPU usage is not normalized across multiple different systems.


Our Idea for an enhancement request is to extract transaction class data from CAXWKLS/CAXWKLDD tables.


Kind Regards,



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