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improved Baseline emails

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Two recommendations for the Baseline emails:

  1. Group the entries by Severity, with most severe at the top and least severe at the bottom.  Make it easy to find the issues.
  2. Sort the entries alphabetically within each Severity group.  The current Baseline entries are not even sorted alphabetically. 


Below is an example with the proposed changes:




Baseline check results are:



DataStore SoftLimit: MAJOR: DataStore is 240 GiB which exceeds soft limit of 240 GiB (global)



Appliance Specification: INFO: This appliance has insufficent resources (global)

Crontab: INFO: Crontab has been altered (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Installed Devices: INFO: Installed Devices has been altered (global)

Pattern Configuration Modification: INFO: Pattern configurations have been changed (global)

Pattern Modification: INFO: Patterns have been changed (global)



Apache Configuration: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Apache HTTPS: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance Configuration Files Tripwire: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance Disk Space: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance eth0: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance Firewall (IPv6): OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance Firewall: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance HTML Files Tripwire: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance Run Level: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Appliance System Files Tripwire: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Application Configuration: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Application Server: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

AppServer Configuration: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

AppServer Start Script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Atrium Discovery OS RPM: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Atrium Discovery RPM: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Audit Settings: OK (global)

Cluster Configuration: OK (global)

Cluster Manager Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Cluster_manager start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

CMDB Sync (Exporter) Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

CMDB Sync (Transformer) Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

CMDB Sync Blackout Windows: OK (global)

Consolidation: OK (global)

Credentials: OK (global)

DDD Removal Blackout Windows: OK (global)

Discovery Configuration: OK (global)

Discovery File Content Filters: OK (global)

Discovery Mode: OK (global)

Discovery Process Filters: OK (global)

Discovery Scripts: OK (global)

Discovery Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Discovery start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

DNS Configuration: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Exclusion Ranges: OK (global)

Export Adapter Configurations: OK (global)

Export Adapter: OK (global)

Export Exporter Configurations: OK (global)

Export Mapping Sets: OK (global)

Integrations start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

JDBC Drivers: OK (global)

Miscellaneous Global Settings: OK (global)

Miscellaneous Local Settings: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Model Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Model start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

NTP Configuration: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

NTP Running: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Operating System: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Pattern Definitions Modification: OK (global)

Port Scan Settings: OK (global)

Reasoning Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Reasoning start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Reports Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Reports start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

RSSO Certificate Expiration: OK (global)

Security Options: OK (global)

Security Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Security start script: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

SSL Appliance Key: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

SSL CA Key: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Usage Data Collection: OK (global)

Vault Service: OK (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Windows Proxy Configuration File: OK (global)

Windows Proxy Configuration: OK (global)

Windows Proxy Pool Configuration: OK (global)



VMware Time Sync: DISABLED (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

VMwareTools Running: DISABLED (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)

Windows Proxy Availability: DISABLED (amoliraddmpd06 - Consolidator)



Highest severity failure was MAJOR.


Actions taken:




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