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More automation ( after 20 years). from the same products, bring it together

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I have been using the various BMC products for a long time now in-fact over 20 years, and recently i do feel the lack of disjoint is still apparent, it seems that the future visibility and ideas are some what lacking, Each of the products from BMC on their own are pretty impressive and offer good coverage and functionality however we now operate in a world where SILO ITOM simply does not work.


My idea..

so you install or deploy BMC discovery, it works out there is a windows server/unix server with a web server installed, it automatically sends an over the network install of an agent to the server and deploys the agent, the agent automatically starts reporting to the presentation server or BMC console, the KMS are automatically loaded onto the agent depending on what BMC discovery finds so its its a web server, the windows IIS KM gets installed, or a Apache for unix.


The agent starts sending data into the presentation server and monitoring starts to happen, we automatically see dashboards of things you would expect of a web server, availability, number of web page hits, URL response time and so on.


At the same time the automatic baselining gets rolled out for a apache web server on a unix server, and its automatically monitored, once this settles down the BMC tool offers a whole bunch of additional monitoring on the server it automatically roles out the ITDA agent and starts to monitor the server again through the BMC discovery it send out the content pack for Web server or unix server. and starts to monitor all the logs for the webserver.



Once we have all the data in BMC the ingestion engine can start ingestion all the data and using Machine learning and big data can automatically start alerting and offering assistance or even resolution, example


A windows web server that has a slow response time or has an outage, can be detected through machine learning, by looking at all the events that have been gathered, or another example if a CPU is busy on a server and this is a web server the chances are the web site will be impacted, this can be achieved using the data that has been collected,


please vote for this and lets get more automation we are really lacking this and the tools dont bring it together well enough. let get BMC to really start working on what they have and helping us in the field.




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