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Enhance TrueSight product line to support SAML user group memberships

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Recently, learned when configuring TSCO (TrueSight Capacity Optimization) version 11.0, that the Remedy Single SignOn (RSSO) SAMLv2 integration does NOT support the receipt of an authenticated user's group memberships via enterprise security product like PingFederate. Group membership information is necessary to determine what level of privileges a user should be able to perform; such as view only, edit, etc. 


The TrueSight Presentation Server apparently supports mapping its functions to a LOCAL Realm that is "chained" to a SAML authentication Realm.  However, this adds an unnecessary layer of administration inside the product, when the SAMLv2 standard has supported group memberships in its specification for many, many years now. If Wikipedia can be trusted SAMLv2 has been available as "preview" since 2012.


Simply stated, this idea is being created to update the TrueSight product line, with RSSO at its core, to support Group attribute parsing for SAML.


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