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Include Actions defined in the Action Repository in all job types in BDA

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While trying to satisfy a request of our MS SQL Server DBAs, I ran into this issue.  MS SQL Server requires that any pending reboots be cleared prior to applying any patches.  In order to do this, there is a default Reboot action defined in the Management Action Category for a node.



Include previously defined actions in the Action Repository (including those pre-built Actions defined within the Provisioning, Management, and Maintenance categories) in Actions, Patches, Jobs, etc. that are run within the BDA GUI.  Right now, we have the ability to reboot a MS SQL Server node manually using the Management category, but this needs to be able to be added as an action within another activity like applying a patch.



If we use an external script (runme,bat for example) to execute the reboot, as soon as the agent stops, the job goes into a failed state because it does not know to wait for the server to reboot and the agent to become available once again. This activity already exists in the Management category, but cannot be included in other activities. By allowing Actions defined within the Action Repository (and those defined within the pre-built Provision, Management, and Maintenance categories), we can better manage the Nodes and Databases from within the BDA GUI.


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