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Single entry point URL for all BMC Applications

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When installing the full stack of BMC applications, there are upwards of 18+ different URL's and ports that must be configured and then these are accessed separately.  There are multiple installers to run and configurations to update, compounded when using SSL.


Granted there is some "cross launch" capabilities between applications, however companies must navigate this issue internally using URL redirects, Tomcat valves, Web Server/Load Balancer port redirects, etc. which adds to the extensive configurations required and is another maintenance overhead to maintain.


Other enterprise solutions, such as Service Now, provide this capability presently where the user logs into one entry point and can launch all installed applications - this is the behavior that should available with the BMC applications.


There should be some OOB capability to enter the system via one URL (single pane of glass capability), without having to know all the required URL's and port numbers, and then be able to access (cross launch) any of the installed BMC applications.  This should be configurable, or intelligent knowing what is installed (similar to "SHARE:Application Properties" in Remedy), to be able to include/exclude what applications are available.


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