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Smart IT - Add Centralized Configuration to Force UX Language/Locale

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Smart IT picks up the 'Language' setting defined in the Web Browser of the client in order to determine the locale/language in which to render the UX/interface, however for many customers which have adopted a global single language for their Service Desk operation, this introduces inconsistency across regional Service Desks where agents have varied Language Settings, this has an impact on the following:


  • Work Instructions and Procedure Documentation (multiple versions required).
  • Training Videos/Sessions (would need to cater for multiple interfaces).
  • Inconsistent UX display for Service Desks located in areas where a relevant locale isn't even available.


Smart IT should provide a Centralized Configuration toggle which if 'null' will utilize the Web Browser detected language, alternatively the toggle can be populated with a user-chosen locale, i.e. "en", "da", "se" etc. This shouldn't be a fixed set of values so that the user is able to enter any chosen locale they desire to support any custom locales they might have implemented.


The same should also apply to Digital Workplace, therefore please also vote on this related Idea.


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