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Real Time Reporting or Dashboard from TSPS

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Need the ability to produce ad-hoc reports for multiple metrics across multiple servers in real time from the TSPS Console.  This would be similar to performing a multi-metric request in TSPS for a group of monitors on a device.  The workflow requested would allow an operations user to provide a list of targets (Server hosts) and a list of metrics that he wants to view across all of these hosts in real time.


Example: This would allow for application server comparison in real time to isolate why one server is behaving differently than others serving the same application.


Using Smart Reporting does not facilitate the real time requirement, there is a minimum of a 2 to 3 hour delay in the reporting of the metric data.


The end user should be able to make the host selections from a drop down or a filter he has designed that will return only a subset of all of the devices reporting.


The output of the report should be able to be saved and re-used by the user and if shared by others so that subsequent requests against the same server group do not have to begin from scratch.


The report should also allow for editing of the existing report to add or remove both hosts and monitors.


Although limited in scope some of this capability is present in the TSIM server and this should be brought forward into the TSPS Server.


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