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Dynamic Cluster Level Filtering For vCenter ETLs

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We feel vCenter ETL cluster filtering in the product is not really fit for purpose in large organizations.


To create a whitelist of clusters currently, the name of each cluster needs to be entered manually in the "Clusters List" field in the import filter of the ETL configuration.


We would like to be able to set up a dynamic filter to whitelist only either Production or non-Production clusters, so that for example a regular expression like ^Cluster_PROD.* could be entered and the ETL would only pull in data from production clusters following this naming convention.


The way the product works at the moment is we're going to need to factor in an ongoing manual task to try and keep the cluster information up to date once the ETLs are up and running. We've thought about a number of potential workarounds but think that this functionality needs putting in the product.


Filter by production and non-production clusters for a VMware ETL


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