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Access Offline Incident Templates

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When a user creates a incident template and sets the template status to something other than "Enabled" they no longer have access to it. OTB when you go to the application admin console and view incident templates the 'Incident Template Selection' window is displayed. The table only shows enabled templates and their are no options to change the status used in the table to see templates not in a enabled status.


It would be very beneficial to the user if this table showed all status's or had the ability to filter the template status so they could chose which status to display. Currently the template is lost once the user changes the status to something like 'offline' or 'proposed'. In order to get access to the template a admin needs to change the status back to enabled. This is a bad experience for the user and creates more admin overhead for the remedy administrator.


A 'offline' template could be used to capture seasonal work where part of the time its valid and other times it not needed. A user may not know all the correct information and wants to put the template in proposed status to come back to it later.


Currently a template has to be maintained in a enabled state to retain access to it which allows it to be visible to others and possibly used when it shouldn't.


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