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TrackIT 20.19: Directory Importer: Check box for Mark as Inactive when not found in AD or AD Group

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The option to have the directory importer tool automatically mark accounts (technicians or requesters) as inactive and remove any special licensing they may be assigned to that account when they are no longer found in the active directory group that they were originally discovered in. When a business environment has 500+ users and a high turn over rate it is extremely tedious to have to manually manage every account.  As of right now the only option I can select is pictured below. I am proposing adding another option at the bottom of the screen, that allows "Mark Technicians as Inactive that are not found in Active Directory or the Active Directory Groups configured". Every time a user is termed I have to do this manually.   In my companies' case we have limited self-service licenses available (only allocated to some employees) so I have to move the licenses.



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