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CI Unavailability in smartIT to match that in the midtier

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Within the incident ticket / smart records on smart IT there isn't an option to create a new CI unavailability record  and relate this to the Incident and the asset when the incident is created, or when the incident is being updated.


This functionality is available via the midtier and within the change management module in SmartIT. Therefore it should be added to the incident, to ensure that both the midtier, and smartIT are acting in the same way.


(below shows the incident form on and the option to relate an unavailability)

midtier - relate unavailability.png


With this functionality missing on the Incident in SmartIT, our users cannot follow the process and relate a CI unavailability to the Incident and the CI at the same time.


(The below show relating an Asset to a new incident - no outage)

smartIT - relate CI.png


If an incident has been logged using the midtier and the assigned group is using smartiT they cannot see if there is an outage related to the incident. Users need to understand what the type of unavailability they are dealing with, either full or partial. In SmartIT only Asset Admins can create an outage and relate it to the asset only and this will not be visible on the incident. In the Change Management module on smartIT a user can relate an outage to the change request.


(below update an Incident no option to relate an outage to the incident)

SmartIT - update Incident no outage.png



We need the smartIT application to offer the same functionality for incident and change management , and we need the same functionality in the incident module on smartIT and in the midtier.


(below Change Request - ability to relate an outage to the Change Request)

SmartIT- change relate outage.png


We want users to access the system via smartIT because of this missing functionality they are not using it


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