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Localize Knowledge Articles and restrict Search Results to a specific language in DWP

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When you create a Knowledge Article in ITSM, you cannot localize it to display the content in other languages. It would be nice if we could have the ability to localize it - same feature as implemented for Service Requests.


In DWP MyIT 3.5, when searching for articles (with a keyword), the results are showing in multiple languages, i.e. all available articles that have the keyword entered will appear based on their score and/or corresponding weight (defined algorithm).


Idea (Enhancement-Request):

  • Have the ability to localize the Knowledge Article the same way as for Service Request Definition
  • Content from the original Knowledge Article is displayed in the localized Knowledge Article for editing
  • Search Query used in the Search Catalog field should factor in the user's locale
  • Search results should display in the user's locale only
  • Localizing SRD.pngLocalizing KA.png


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