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Service Requestor comment to trigger mail notification to Fulfillment Assignee

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When requestor adds a comment in DWPA/Service Request, this does get logged in SmartIT Fulfillment ticket.

However, not all assignees are able to login to the tool all the time. We have several fulfillment team members who are not regular users of SmartIT (eg, not daily/hourly) so if there is a comment from the requestor asking for escalation or immediate attention, it would be beneficial for the Assignee to receive a mail. They can choose to login if required and work on processing the ticket.


As there is no event defined in SYS Notification Messages for Work Info form, I looked through the communities and found this very useful document: How to Notify Assignee of a Worklog Update and Display the Worklog Note, Submitter Name, Submitter ID in the Email Notification for INC  However, we cannot customise the tool at this point and would very much appreciate if this could be added a product feature.


We are on DWPA 1802, SmartIT 2. If this feature (or idea) is already available, do let me know.


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