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Add filters for all available column fields

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In SmartIT console you can select various columns for display however not all columns are available as filters.

It is desirable that users can use all displayed columns as filter criteria.


Eg. on all ticket types the column Product Name is available:


However if you add Product Name for display its not available as filter:

2019-06-06 14_43_34-Prod_Name_missing_in_Filter.png - IrfanView.png


It would be great if all available columns could be selected as filter criteria too.


Configuring columns in ticket console - Documentation for Remedy with Smart IT 19.02 - BMC Documentation  describes that you need to add the ootb fields as custom fields to have them show up as filter criteria. But this leads to duplicate fields which are confusing and end users needs to be educated which fields to use. Addtionally the step to create custom mappings for all ootb fields will lead to a messy "Available columns" menu, as the fields will be duplicated.


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