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SmartIT: Enable parametrized URLs to pass information to tickets

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In SmartIT SmartRecorder you can use a parametrized URL to pass customer name, description, and contact information.

The URL looks like eg. http://localhost:9000/smartit/smart-it/create/smart-recorder?customer=A.Allbrook@calbro&desc=Email%20issue&contact=M.Man…



This functionality should also be available when creating tickets in SmartIT so that some fieldvalues can be passed upon simply opening an URL

Eg. an URL like http://localhost:9000/smartit/smart-it/app/#/create/incident?Summary=MySummary&Customer=Calbro1@invalid should open a ticket with the values prefilled



Ideally it should be possible to use all available fields in the parametrized URL.

This feature exists already in midtier client and it would be great if it could be used in SmartIT aswell.


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