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Risk Assessment and Information Security Assessment for Change Management in Remedyforce

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Risk assessment helps you achieve greater productivity by combining qualitative and quantitative criteria for assessing the risk level associated with a change. You can raise the accuracy of the changes by assessing risks with a consistent and standard process. The end output is a Change Risk Report, which can provide a key decision in change planning


Risk factors can include a set of questions used to calculate the risk value. During configuration, your application administrator defines a set of questions that apply to a specific company, to the operational categorization of a change request, or globally to all change requests, and a weight for each question. For example, your application administrator can define a set of questions that apply only to change requests regarding decommissioning virtual machines, if those change requests are identified by operational categorization.Another area where we can use this is Information Security assessment where many applications changes can cause cause compliance issue in terms of HIPPA, SOC, PHI etc.

The support staff assigned to each change request provides the risk value and probability for each question as it pertains to their specific request. The system calculates the total risk and saves the value in the Risk Level field of the Change form.

Finally, you can view a report of the total impact of your risk changes in terms of Risk level and Impact.

Currently we have this feature in BMC Remedy and it would be a plus to the Remedyforce Product.


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