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Remedyforce Console SmartView should show CMDB relationship

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Currently the SmartView is showing the CI's/Assets that are linked to the ticket by the support team. Although, it would be even more useful, if the SmartView would be able to show the CMDB relationships that are behind the CI/Asset that is linked to the ticket.


Case example:

  • There is a Change Request for application X
  • Application X has an impact to Application Y and Z, and these are described with CMDB relationships
  • The Solution Design Owner would like to see what is the impact of the Change Request


If SmartView would be able to show CMDB relationships, the risk and impact analysis for the CR would be easier to do.


In addition, the requirement is also to be able to show the impact of Major Incidents. E.g. Major Incident is in SAP module, which is linked to multiple business application, business service and technical service. We need to be able to show the impact of Major Incident to all the services and applications.


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