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Track-It 2019 - Email to Ticket, Update Ticket Values via Email

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I am a former KACE user who took a new position in an organization that just rolled out Track-It 2019.  There are a few features I am missing, but the most substantial being the inability to update a Ticket via email.  Current Business Rules do not allow for updating certain ticket values such as Category, Priority, Requestor, Technician and/or Status from the body of the email (i.e. Category=Category::SubCategory, Priority=3-Medium, Requestor=First Last, Status=In Progress).  This was a HUGE time saver for our service desk as many emails can and often do turn into service requests and the ticket values that would be assigned would vary greatly from one email to the next. Current Business Rules do not allow the ability to change the Requestor from the sender of the email (usually the Technician, not the person actually experiencing the issue) and only allow the email sender to be assigned as the Technician (vs. assigning to another Tech).  Having this feature significantly improves service time and is highly desired by many making service desk selections.  Please consider adding it to Track-It 2019!!


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