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DWP and ITSM in the same AR System instance

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It seems silly for Digital Workplace Advanced to require a separate AR System instance (on port 9988 - with a completely different AR Server/Database set) - disassociated from the ITSM AR System instance.


The tables are for the most part, mutually exclusive (except for User and Group - of course).

As long as the Group IDs in the Group form don't conflict, there is much to be gained.

- Why require 2 sets of ar.cfg/ar.conf files, 2 sets of armonitor.cfg/armonitor.conf files, 2 separate <AR Install Dir>/arserver/Db/  directories, etc...

- Potentially more consistent logging in the future (- especially when considering correlating & disseminating "things that are happening" while troubleshooting).

- One less installer (or silent installer) to run.

- One less database to backup/administer

- One less AR System Server process/service to start.

- More efficient workflow options (imagine using a 'Push Field' action from DWP to WOI:WorkInfo - - or leveraging HPD:Template to define a definition of a catalog service tile)


( I anticipate more possibilities will continue in the comments section... )


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