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Requested for Marketplaces in DWPC

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Business Requirement:

Services should only be requestable (requested by, visible) for certain authorized persons. However it must be possible to select another person as requested for.

The requested for person must not be allowed to requested the service by himself.

The Service Request in the activities list shall be visible for both, the requested for and the requested by person.




Requested for marketplaces or request for as a parameter in marketplaces.

Those marketplaces will only allow users to be selected as requested for.

Those marketplaces will not allow users to request the services themselves and will not show the services in the catalog section of dwp.



Current Siutation, Justification:

If requested for person is not entitled to the service, then this person is not selectable as requested for.

If the requested for person is selected by a dropdown question, then the requested for person does not see the request in its activity list.

If requested for person is entitled to the service, then the service is visible and requestable for the unauthorized person.


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