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Poke a Communities User!

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When a user posts a thread needing help, dedicated members of the community give up their own free time to help/assist by posting responses - however it is very frustrating when the original poster does not take the time to return to update those that responded, or even to offer thanks (and mark Helpful or Correct answers).


It would be interesting if we had a 'Poke' option, which work would in a similar way to Facebook in the respect that a simple notification is sent to the Poked user, perhaps with wording such as...


  • "Ash has poked you in this thread, why not visit the thread to give an update..."


There are other mechanisms available to give users of this community a nudge, however they all invoke a new separate dialogue which those with little time to spare simply haven't the bandwidth to manage, for example starting a Private Message, a Private Discussion or a Share. Another method would be to add a new post to the thread, "Did this help?", but this is a wasted post which unnecessarily extends the length of the thread.


Instead, just one click of a 'Poke' button displayed within the post of each user would be sufficient to let the user know that others are hoping for an update.


Gaining an update and the marking of responses (as 'Correct') is critical to ensuring that threads are useful for future reference. A thread which is left unanswered is of far less use to users in the future whom are experiencing a similar issue.


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