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Requesting a method to remove the Business Services option from Service View in TS 11.x

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Looking for an option to remove business services from service view




TSPS 11.3.01 -  In the Services View, there is the option to "configure ci type". We would like the ability to uncheck "Business Service", however this is greyed out. When this option is enabled, this view is unmanageable and has too much information to be useful.


The need is for all users (restricted or not) to be able to look at Organizations, and then drill down to Business Services. Restricting users from viewing Business Services, we would prevent them from drilling through to the Technical Services.


The recommendation was made to do the following:

If a restricted user does not want to see the Business Services, the recommendation is to create an
Authorization profile by associating non-Business Service objects. With this approach, the restricted user can not view the Business Services.


Here is why this is not acceptable:

As per our interpretation of Best Practice and our Business practice, we will be having over 20 Organizations and well over a thousand Business Services. This makes Business Services without filtering noise, at the same time we need to be able to see them by drilling down.





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