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Filter needed for multiple Names/login IDs for sorting the ticket display.

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In Trackit 11.4 there is the option to sort on multiple selections of the assigned technician field.  We use this method to route tickets to certain groups of people.


For example: Our assigned technicians look like

*IT Systems

*IT Telecom

*Data Services



The * puts the groups at the top of the list. 

Then we can select custom sorting on the Assigned Technician field.

Custom Sorting Assigned Tech.png

Then it is a simple matter of selecting the names you want to see in the filter.



This way, when we want a view where certain groups will only see what pertains to them. As seen below.assigned technicians.png


TrackIT 20.19 does not allow for sorting in this manner and it makes it difficult for us to use.


If we filter on one item it works.



If we try to use filtering with multiple items in say the full name field, then the filter breaks down as you can see it no longer gives us just open files, even though it sort of worked.


If we try to use a more elaborate filter then it really breaks down. In this case it only shows the last set.



We would really like to see the filtering implementation that is in TrackIT 11.4 put back into the current TrackIT 2019.


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