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Put helpful information in the "i" icons

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Hello Everyone,


I've noticed in many places across the GUI wherever there is a "i" icon, the information displayed is not very helpful if there is anything even displayed at all. It would be helpful if the information provided would be relevant and actually include details.


As an example, in the presentation server console when editing a deployable package from the wizard, the different fields have a information sign beside them. Clicking on the information sign to get more info on the field literally does nothing except for redundantly display the name of the field :/


To illustrate this issue, see screenshots below:



Screenshot 1: Notice how clicking on the highlighted "i" beside "encryption key" only changes the field name in the description but gives no information as to what the encryption key is, where it can be found, or how to retrieve it, etc.

Screenshot 2: Same idea, clicking on the "i" beside "Primary Cell" gives you no insight as to where to retrieve the name of the primary cell, if it can be left blank, or what function it would provide should the cell be filled in.


Its good that clicking the question mark on the top of the dialogue box takes you to the KB article, however the accompanying KB article does not always go into granular details.


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