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Sunburst chart display of information & colours

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Basically the Sunburst charts appear to misleading when over-subscription is taking place, both their colours and figures presented when looking at hosts and cluster segments.

In our test environment we had configured a Sunburst chart for a Dev Cluster which has the following properties.


Hosts     # Cores     Freq(GHz)     Cores per socket     CPU Size (MHz)

s2tesx1     12               3.4                    6                         40752

s2tesx11   12               2.5                    6                         29988

s2tesx12   12               2.5                    6                         29988

s2tesx13   12               2.5                    6                         29988

s2tesx16   12               2.5                    6                         29988

s2tesx2     12               3.4                    6                         40752


                 72                                                                 201456




If I begin to look at how the Sunburst chart is displayed and the details presented for VM, ESX and Cluster, here's a VM ( last 30 days ) with it's segment correctly shown as red.


Segment colours for VMs appear to be generally correct.

The small "Details" pop-up shows utilisation of 152.15% yet the CPU Utilisation graph shows ~60%.

Why the difference between the two figures?  Is the 152.15% a "demand" figure?




If I now look at the ESX host s2tesx16 ( 30GHz capacity ) the segment is blue in colour, shows utilisation of 14.58% and size of 247.4GHz, yet the graph to the side indicates ~ 80%.


1.  The blue colour for the segment is wrong

2.  The 14.58% utilisation in the pop-up is wrong - see the graph to the side

3.  Does the size of 247.4GHz indicate over-subscription, in which case this figure and perhaps an over-subscription ratio figure ( e.g. 5:1 ) could be provided in the pop-up and possibly making the segment yet another colour ( black flashing !! ) - but definitely not blue.




Finally if I look at the Site 2 Dev Cluster circle it shows as blue with utilisation of 19.73% and size of 1.18 THz ( I wish !! )  whereas the CPU utilisation graph indicated just below 100%.


The same three points mentioned above would apply to the Cluster display information and colour.


So my request would be, in the even of Virtualisation over-subscription, to present Sunburst chart colours and figures more accurately.


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