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Smart IT / Helix Major Incident Management

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I'd like to see something in Smart IT / Helix which assists with managing Major Incidents.

I've seen an MI Candidate / Promote feature with rules (in another product) which would be a great way to engage the right resources during critical issues right within the platform..

I'm all for integrating with Everbridge, XMatters, Alertfind, but we need something more robust in the platform than just Incident work log notes.

  • Bridge Call Management
  • Show actions and who is working on them
  • Communications templates to work with Outlook, text, Twitter, etc...
  • Provide more flexibility with the OOB priority levels than just the BMC standard of Critical, High, Medium, Low
  • Many of these notes/fields are pertinent to the subsequent RCA discussion, so to be able to move some key attributes over to a Problem record, RCA record would be awesome:
  • Caused by change, Technology area, etc...


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