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DWPA Catalog - Add Category Mapping for non-Imported SRD's

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When a Customer changes from DWP Base to DWP Advanced then existing complex SRD's will not be imported to DWPA Catalog.

Because mapping Categories within the DWPA Catalog is only valid for imported SRD's, the non imported SRD Categories cannot be mapped.


The end user therefore must search in different categories in order to find the correct Service.



Several existing SRD's have Category 'Change Requests'

Several new Advanced Catalog Services also have Category 'Change Requests'

Because SRD's are not imported to the Catalog, they cannot be mapped to the catalog Categories and will appear in Category  'Business Requests' > 'Change Requests'


If an End User is now searching for one of the 'Change Request' Service he certainly does not know if the Service is an SRD or a catalog Service. The User therefore

must search in different places.

All non imported SRD's are shown under  'Business Requests' > 'Change Requests'

All imported and new Catalog Services are shown in the Catalog Category 'Change Requests'

Category 'Change Requests' therefore exists two times on different places.


So it is very important that we can map non imported SRD's in the same way as imported SRD's since it is very confusing for End Users to search in different Category locations.


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