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SRDs for incidents

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Service request questionnaires/forms are helpful as they ensure clients provide the necessary information required for fulfillment while submitting the request. Without detailed responses, agents almost always would have to contact clients for additional information, and requests will take significantly more time to complete. The forms work similarly for agents responding to phone calls and logging requests.


We think the same principle applies for incidents (at least in some cases): whenever an email issue is reported, support might want to know whether the client is using the Web, Mobile or Client version of outlook, and clients complaining about the ERP system would have to provide more information about the specific module (Invoices) and functional area (reports) they are having trouble with.


This can be achieved simply by allowing the incident type field to determine the type of the tickets. SRDs will be used normally as they are today, however some records will be displayed and managed  on the back end as incidents.


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