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Promote the REQ Number when a ticket is submitted via Smart IT

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When a customer phones the Service Desk to log a ticket, at the moment in Smart IT, once the Service Desk have saved the record, they have to scroll all the way down to be bottom of the page and then click on the Related tab, in order to provide the customer with their Customer (REQ) number over the phone.


We encourage the Service Desk's to confirm the REQ number to the customer over the phone (& some customers demand it).  But unlike ITSM where the REQ number is easily visible.  For Smart IT it is much more hidden, which means that the Service Desk might be tempted to follow bad practice and provide the customer with the INC/WO reference number instead.


I appreciate that customers will receive an email acknowledgement of with the REQ number, but it would be beneficial if this could also be easier for Service Desks staff to provide verbally (especially for P1 scenarios etc..)


Looking at Smart IT there is a bit of white space, which could help provide this information e.g.



On a positive note, we are seeing many potential positives with Smart Recorder.  But this issue does seem to slow down the process as users hunt to find the unique ID.


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