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Expel Restrictions on DWP's Rebranding

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Hi All,


Through DWP’s re-branding link we are not able to re-brand the DWP’s page there are lot of limitations in re-branding the DWP's page from the Admin page's Rebranding Tool link.

In previous version's of DWP we were able to do so much modifications in the main CSS file (DWP.css under the stylesheet folder) but now it's getting difficult as the code is moved from CSS file to Table level.


As per the code all the now in DWP 19.02 all CSS property information’s are taken from the database through API calls please find the screenshot below.


It would be better if BMC provide a tool or if they can move to the standard method of CSS coding like taking the css information from file level. This would be a great advantage for everyone to do the branding of their own.






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