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Smart IT: It should be possible to share a Knowledge Article-Link with my DWP-Users

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We have the following request for Knowledge Management in Smart IT:


Let's assume I'm working on an Incident in Smart IT and I know that there is an external Knowledge Article available for this problem. So I would like to inform my customer about this Knowledge Article and share a link/email about this KB-Article. Then the customer could resolve the problem on his own, and also knows where to find the solution the next time the problem occurs (instead of creating a new Incident again and again and again...)


There is a Share-Button within the KB-Article in Smart IT, but we cannot use that functionality (The created link refers to Smart IT - where my customers don't have access - and I can only share with Support Staff-Users, not with my customers).


What we would like to have:

There should be a possibility within Smart IT to generate a Digital Workplace-Link to the Knowledge Article. Then I can provide this link via mail or Activity, and then my customer has the possibility to view the KB-Article and help himself/refer to it in the future.


Thanks & Regards, Tamara


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