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Ability to specify Company in the Smart Recorder url for CTI

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Now that we have the #COMPANY option in the Smart Recorder we ought to also have the same option in the Smart Recorder url.

In the functionality described in this link - Integrating Smart IT with phone systems - Documentation for Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 - BMC Documentation  - we require the ability to also pass a Company into the Smart Recorder.  Without this we could accidentally end up raising a ticket for the wrong customer in our highly multi-tenant ITSM/Smart IT set-up.

Today if we provide a company name in the url for the Smart Recorder it is ignored. 

Basically, if we raise the following it treats them the same:



Because we have multiple users with a corporate id of BAKERJ across several companies it ends up trying to raise a ticket for the wrong company (the first one it finds a match in). 


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