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Ability to sort results in table fields by more than one column

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Hi everybody,


I miss the (ad-hoc) ability within Remedy Mid-Tier to sort entries in a table field by two columns to achieve a grouping effect.

With the Remedy User Tool this was possible.


Use Case:

I have (below) table field and would like to sort (group) the entries by column “Group” and (within the groups) sort by column “Modified Date”.

In the Remedy User Tool I would first click on the label for the column I would base the sorting on (=Modified Date) and then click on the second column (=Group) for the grouping.

Unfortunately in Mid-Tier the results of the first sorting gets "lost". This is probabely because the sorting is done server side, so you only get the last sorting result.



a) Remedy User Tool

b) Mid-Tier

Hope you all find this a nice feature to have back again. So please help to raise awareness at BMC Remedy Development team by voting for ths idea.



Best Regards,



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