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Search in current module vs global

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For Track-It 2018:


Most times I want to perform a search, it is in the module that I am already working in. I would rather have the search come back quickly by searching only where I want it to search. So, every morning I have to uncheck five checkboxes to leave only one checkbox active. I think it would be better if the search just had a toggle to "Search this module" and "Search all modules." I can't think of a time that I would check 4 out of the 6 boxes, for example. If I'm going to check more than the one box, then it is likely I'm willing to spend the extra few seconds and check them all. So I would dump the check boxes for the different modules to search in favor of this simpler selection method.


However, at a minimum, if you add the toggles in addition to the existing boxes, then it would be one click to narrow and expand the focus of the search. A small convenience, yes, but one that is of repeated, regular benefit.


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