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Provide an option in the AR System UI where a user can see the status of Hierarchical Group processing

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Currently, there is no place in the AR System UI to check the status of Hierarchical Group processing, i.e. if there are

  • Any pending items that are about to be picked up for processing
  • If the server is currently processing a Hierarchical Group change
  • If there are no pending items and no processing is taking place


The only way to get confirmation on this is by checking the contents of the 'hg_pending' and 'hgcontrol' tables, however, many users that would be performing such Hierarchical Group updates would not have access to those tables (e.g. for ITSM, this may be users with Contact Administrator permissions).


The request is therefore to add this functionality to the AR System UI where such status information can be seen.


Examples of where this could help:

  • One customer would make regular updates to the parent group configuration and performs these updates in chunks - the users making those updates would like to make sure previous processing has cleared before starting a next chunk, but have no easy way to confirm this
  • Depending on the number of groups that are updates, AR Server may decide to either only target the records where one of the child fields contains the updated group (if one/few groups are being iupdated), or to recalculate the parent fields data of all records in all forms that have Dynamic Permissions Inheritance enabled (if many groups are being updated). If this second type of processing is in progress on a system with a very large amount of data, and the customer would like to update one more group, they would like to assure processing has completed before making that update, to prevent a complete restart of all records.


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