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Need a better way to Copy/Paste in TrueSight

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Currently using Truesight v10, on track to upgrade to Truesight v11 in a few months time.


When we started using TSv10, we noticed that the inherent copy/paste functionality was not going to work for us. Having the engineers to Create an event list and then have to email it to themselves to then escalate is a time waster in our eyes. Or Exporting an alert and having the engineers select what is needed for escalation is not the greatest use of time.


We noticed that in v11, the same is true.


It would be beneficial to have a copy function in TrueSight that copies the alert and pertinent fields, such as "Severity, DATE/TIME Alert Occurred, Host name, Object that created the alert, Logfile name where alert is seen, ERROR Message" would be a great boost. Or having a copy function that is customizable can help.


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